Available products at Formalito

Available products at Formalito

Formalito is South Africa’s top online gun dealer that provides exceptional customer service to those who want to get the best gun deals. We focus on firearms but we also offer ammo, parts and gear. Check out the list of our products below:


We offer new guns online since 2000 and that is why we have managed to get a huge number of clients, thus becoming the best online store to buy firearms. Get the gun of your dreams by picking from a wide variety of choices below:


A wide selection of handguns with reasonable prices and a lifetime warranty is available here. Handguns or pistols are the most effective means of self-defence. The pistol has been the most popular defensive tool due to its size, weight and efficacy in providing portable protection. 

Semi-auto and revolvers are the most common types of pistols which are both useful for defence and protection We have a large selection of pistols for sale which you will find below:

Ruger 57RugerSemi-auto5.7x28mm20
GLOCK 19 Gen5 FS pistolGlockSemi-auto8mm15
Taurus G2c TaurusSemi-auto9mm12
Ruger LCP MaxRugerSemi-auto380 ACP10
Sig Sauer P365Sig SauerSemi-auto9mm12
Grand Power StribogGrand PowerSemi-auto9mm30
Smith & Wesson M&P Shield EZ M2.0Smith and WessonSemi-auto380 ACP8
Canik TP9CanikSemi-auto9mm12
Smith & Wesson 642 Airweight Carry Smith and WessonRevolver38 Special5
Heritage Rough Rider Revolver SAA 22Heritage MfgRevolver22 Long Rifle6
Ruger LCR Revolver 38 Special+PRugerRevolver38 Special6
Standard Mfg Single Action RevolverStandard MfgRevolver45 Colt6
Cimarron Model P .45 Long Colt Cimarron FirearmsRevolver45 Colt6
Heritage Rough Rider 22LRHeritage MfgRevolver22 Long Rifle6
Charter Arms Mag PugCharter ArmsRevolver357 Magnum5
Angstadt Arms UDP-9Angstadt ArmsPistol brace gun9mm17
LWRC SMG-45LWRC InternationalPistol brace gun45 ACP25
HK SP5HK- Heckler and KochPistol brace gun
CZ Scorpion Evo 3CZ USAPistol brace gun9mm20
SAR 109T AR-9 Pistol 9mmSAR USAPistol brace gun9mm30
B&T APC9 ProB&TPistol brace gun9mm30
Sig Sauer SG 553Swiss Arms SANPistol brace gun5.56x45mm30
Zenith MKE Z-5RS MP5 PistolZenith FirearmsPistol brace gun9mm30
Kriss Vector SDP-SB 9mmKrissPistol brace gun9mm17
Grand Power Stribog Peace KeeperGrand PowerPistol brace gun9mm30
Kriss Vector Gen II PistolKrissPistol brace gun9mm17


Formalito has the best collection of bolt-action and semi-auto rifles perfect for hunting, target shooting and competition. If it is your first time handling a rifle, you can start right off with a safe and easy 22 rifle from one of our several models suitable for the youth. 

You can also shoot in long range and discover how long you can reach and hit your target with the Ruger Precision Rifle. Our black rifles also known as assault rifles are also popular well-known. As you can see, there is something for every gun lover in our set of rifles for sale. 

Once you buy a new rifle, you will get a lifetime warranty so take a look at our available guns for sale below:

Ruger American RifleRugerBolt action rifle308 Win 7.62x51mm4
Savage 110 Elite PrecisionSavage ArmsBolt action rifle6.5 Creedmoor10
Bergara B-14BergaraBolt action rifle6.5 Creedmoor10
Howa ORYX Chassis RifleHowa RiflesBolt action rifle6.5 Creedmoor10
Keystone Crickett 240 22LRKeystone Sporting ArmsBolt action rifle22 Long Rifle10
Tikka T3X Tactical A1SAKO RiflesBolt action rifle6.5 Creedmoor10
Savage Mark IISavage ArmsBolt action rifle22 Long Rifle10
Bergara Premier HMR ProBergaraBolt action rifle6.5 Creedmoor5
Fierce CT EDGEFierce FirearmsBolt action rifle300 PRC4
Nesika Stainless HunterNesikaBolt action rifle7mm-08 Remington10
Howa 1500Howa RiflesBolt action rifle308 Win 7.62x51mm10
Smith & Wesson M&PSmith and WessonHunting rifle22 Long Rifle25
Ruger AR-556 Free Float HandguardRugerHunting rifle5.56x45mm30
Keltec PMR30 22 Win MagKel-TecHunting rifle22 Magnum30
Rossi RS22RossiHunting rifle22 Winchester Rimfire10
Howa ORYX Chassis RifleHowa RiflesHunting rifle6.5 Creedmoor10
Savage 110 UltraliteSavage ArmsHunting rifle6.5 PRC2
Heritage Rough Rider 22LRHeritage MfgHunting rifle22 Long Rifle6
Rock River Arms LAR-15 Coyote RifleRock River ArmsHunting rifle5.56x45mm30
Core 30 AR-10 .308 WinCore15 RiflesHunting rifle308 Win 7.62x51mm20
Chapuis Armes Elan ClassicChapuis ArmesHunting rifle375 Holland and Holland Magnum20
Riley Defense RAK47Riley DefenseAK-47 rifle7.62×3930
Zastava ZPAP M70 AK-47Zastava FirearmsAK-47 rifle7.62×3930
Century WASR-10 AK-47Century ArmsAK-47 rifle7.62×3930
Chiappa RAK-9 AK-47 Style Semi-Auto RifleChiappaAK-47 rifle9mm10
Pioneer Arms AK-47Pioneer ArmsAK-47 rifle7.62×3930
Hammerli Tac R1 .22 LRWaltherAR-15 rifle22 Long Rifle20
Ruger AR-556 Free Float Handguard RugerAR-15 rifle5.56x45mm30
Smith & Wesson M&P15-22 Sport 22LRSmith and WessonAR-15 rifle22 Long Rifle25
Anderson AR-15 Anderson Mfg.AR-15 rifle5.56x45mm20
Core 15 ScoutCore15 RiflesAR-15 rifle5.56x45mm30
FMK AR1 Extreme Lower Receiver Polymer rifleFMK FirearmsAR-15 rifle5.56x45mm1
Rock River Arms Flat Top AR-15Rock River ArmsAR-15 rifle5.56x45mm30
Seekins Precision Gen2 SP223 Billet LowerSeekins PrecisionAR-15 rifle5.56x45mm30
Sig M400 Tread CoilSig SauerAR-15 rifle5.56x45mm20


Whether you are looking for hunting or semi-auto tactical shotguns, we have the best deal for you! Shotguns in every calibre are available for purchase at Formalito including those with 12 to 410 gauges. Some of the top gun providers where we import our guns are Browning, Benelli, Beretta, Ruger, and Stoeger.

Take a look at the available shotguns you can find in our store below:

Kel-Tec KS7Kel-TecPump shotgun12 Gauge6
Rock Island VRPA40Rock Island-ArmscorPump shotgun12 Gauge5
Stevens 320Savage ArmsPump shotgun12 Gauge5
SDS P3SDS ImportsPump shotgun12 Gauge5
Maverick 88 Pump Security/Special PurposeMaverick ShotgunsPump shotgun12 Gauge5
CZ 612 Field 12 Ga 28″ BarrelCZ USAPump shotgun12 Gauge5
Benelli Nova Pump 12gBenelliPump shotgun12 Gauge5
EAA AKKAR 12EAA CorpPump shotgun12 Gauge5
Stoeger P3000 Freedom Series 12 GaStoegerPump shotgun12 Gauge7
Gforce GF3P Pump-Action 12 GaGFORCE ARMSPump shotgun12 Gauge4
Citadel CDA 12 Force Pump-Action 12 GaHowa RiflesPump shotgun12 Gauge3
Black Aces Tactical Bullpup 12 GaugeBlack Aces TacticalPump shotgun12 Gauge3
UTAS UTS-15 Dual Tube 12 Ga PumpUTASPump shotgun12 Gauge3
Maverick Model 88 12 GaMaverick ShotgunsPump shotgun12 Gauge5
Winchester SXP Waterfowl 12 GaWinchesterPump shotgun12 Gauge4
SDS Imports All-Purpose 12 GaSDS ImportsPump shotgun12 Gauge5
Legacy Sports Citadel Boss 25 12 GaCitadel PistolsSemi-auto shotgun12 Gauge5
Rock Island Armory VR80Rock Island ArmscorSemi-auto shotgun12 Gauge5
IWI US TSB12B Tavor TS12 12 GaIWI USASemi-auto shotgun12 Gauge15
TR Imports SE122 Tactical Cerakote 12 GaTR ImportsSemi-auto shotgun12 Gauge5
Dickinson Ermox Hybrid 12 GaDickinson ArmsSemi-auto shotgun12 Gauge5
TriStar KRX Tactical 12 GaTristar Sporting ArmsSemi-auto shotgun12 Gauge5
Girsan MC312 12 GaGirsanSemi-auto shotgun12 Gauge5
Century Centurion BP-12Century ArmsSemi-auto shotgun12 Gauge5
Landor Arms Bullpup 12 GaLandor ArmsSemi-auto shotgun12 Gauge5
CZ 1012 12 GaCZ USASemi-auto shotgun12 Gauge4
Legacy ATAC 12 GaLegacy Intl SportsSemi-auto shotgun12 Gauge4


Thanks to us, it is now possible to buy ammo via the internet! Every gun owner will find something they like in the selection of ammo in our store and the best thing about it is that we can deliver it right at your door. Whether you are looking for bulk ammo or just a couple of boxes for a fast range session, we have everything you need!

Check out our large collection of ammo for pistols, rifles and shotguns below:

Norma Range & Training 9mmNorma AmmunitionFor pistols9mm50
Ammo Inc .38 Special 125grAmmo IncFor pistols38 Special20
Magtech Sport ShootingMagtechFor pistols40 Smith and Wesson50
G9 9mm +P 80 Grain Solid Copper External Hollow PointG9For pistols9mm20
CCI Blazer 9mmCCI AmmunitionFor pistols9mm50
Fiocchi Shooting Dynamics 9mmFiocchi AmmunitionFor pistols9mm50
Brown BearDKG TradingFor rifles7.62×3920
IGMAN 223 Rem 55grIgmanFor rifles223 Remington20
Sig Ammo .308 Win 168grSig SauerFor rifles308 Win 7.62x51mm20

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