The two most common types of gun

The two most common types of gun

The rapid evolution of guns throughout the decades makes it hard for people to distinguish which one is which. Today, lots of guns are being sold in the market, some can hold up to 30 or more bullets while some can’t. Some have lights, lasers and bipods while others do not need such accessories. 

Despite the increasing types of guns available, all of them can be divided into two categories: long guns and handguns. The former includes rifles and shotguns while the latter consists of revolvers and pistols. Take a look at more info about these types of guns by reading on below:

Long guns

Let’s tackle long guns first which consist of rifles and shotguns. Check out its various subtypes below:

Bolt action rifles

Bolt action rifles are one of the simplest long guns today which is fired manually by simply pushing forward a bolt and pulling the trigger. Due to their manual nature, these types of guns are slow to fire and can only hold between 4 to 10 bullets.

Lever action rifles

Lever action rifles originated in the 19th century which is why you will often see these in old Western films. To fire, you have to pull a lever attached to the gun before pulling the trigger. Pull the lever again to eject the empty cartridge and load a new one. This is easier to use than the bolt action due to the position of its lever.

Semi-auto rifles

Semi-auto rifles release a bullet for every pull of the trigger and you don’t have to push a lever or bolt since loading a new round is automatic. Most of these rifles have external magazines that can hold up to 30 rounds.


Shotguns are large long guns that can fire a large number of small lead pellets with each pull of the trigger. The pellets will fly from the battle in a cone-shaped pattern. Since the shot disperses, this type of gun is often used when hunting small game animals such as ducks.


Handguns are smaller firearms including pistols and revolvers. Check out its various subtypes below:


Revolvers are the guns you often see cowboys hold in movies. These types of guns can store up to 7 bullets. Modern revolvers fire with a single pull of the trigger and will automatically advance the cylinder to a fresh cartridge.


Pistols do not use revolving cylinders, instead, they load new cartridges from a detachable magazine. This type of handgun can carry up to 17 rounds.

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